July Edition


In this month's edition we have a follow up article from the Scriveners giving insight into how they managed to get through the 24 hour race in Harwich.

If you are looking for offers this month, then we have got a whopper for you. A £50 coupon to spend at Hardy's Bar in Mayland.

The Mayl Sale page once again has a few new entries. Why not sell some of your own items, it's free and it's easy.

Jobs available - Upstairs Downstairs are looking for Full and Part Time Cleaners.

The Stone Inn at St Lawrence is under new management.

The Woman's Own Club is 50.

The What's On page has some interesting places to go as usual.

USA Day at Hardy's Bar, Mayland - This looks like an interesting place to be on Sunday the 2nd.

The Water Fight in Mayland will be on Sunday 16th.

If you are a Frankie Valli Fan, then you need to be at Hardy's Bar on the 28th. Or if you prefer some Ska, Rock & Soul then you should be at the Star Inn when Monkies Wedding will be appearing on the 29th - Why not have a look at both?

If you have anything going on that you would like to share, just let us know and we will help spread the word.

The NEW MAYL SALE WEBSITE has some interesting items for sale... Mobile Phones, Bugaboo Duo, Furniture etc.